MSV Junior League

The MSV Juinior League was launched in 2018 as a stepping stone for new volunteer managers to settle into running a team before progressing them into the Teesside Junior Football Alliance League with one of our feeder clubs -

Riverside Juniors FC : Prissick Rovers FC : Boro Rangers FC : Beads FC : MSV Junors

Volunteers are identified to become team managers (Usually a parent from one of the children in the development leagues) Managers will get assigned 7 or 8 players from the Development Leagues to form a team and play games in the MSV Junior league. All Volunteers will be CRC checked. Volunteers will attend a FA Level 1 coaching course before progressing them into the TJFA.

Sunday Matches

Matches will take place various Sundays from September to July. Games will 40 mins (20 mins each way) at Middlesbrough Sports Village. As rule we avoid putting fixtures on school holidays, Bank Hols Weekends, Fathers / Mothers Day etc. But most weeks outside of these dates the children will have games (Approx 30 to 36 weeks a year)

Children must wear navy shorts / socks boots and shinpads to all games! Soccer School Shirts are provided initially but teams are encouraged to find a sponsor or do a little fundraiser to get the team their own kit (Normally £10 per player for a full strip available from TS3 Sports for Joma or £19 a strip for Nike from Just Sport)

The games are non competitive! There is no league tables or results recorded. The philosophy behind this is to get children through their development years feeling free to take more risks trying skills, passing it out from the back without the fear of costing their team points in a league. The aim of this is to produce more creative and composed footballers in teen through to adult years. This philosophy has been proven to work in France, Spain, Brazil, Germany etc and the non competitive rule is now set by the FA for all U7 to U11 players in all leagues including the TJFA.

The Sunday matches will be delivered in a "Joint Training session environment" Teams will play against different teams each week with the team managers officiating the games and giving the children a little guidance on positions etc

Squads, Leagues and Fixtures

The squads will be announced over the Summer after the Rockcliffe Presentation day ready to start playing in your set teams in September. Kick off times and pitch numbers etc will be sent by your child's team manager early Sept and they will send a weekly text to remind you of match arrangements.

Boro Soccer Schools - Advanced Training

All children in the MSV junior league will continue to attend Boro Soccer Schools advanced sessions delivered by our team of professional coaches. The coaches range from Full time PE teachers, MFC Academy coaches, EX professional players and highly experienced grassroots club coaches. They all come from experienced football backgrounds with a proven track record of developing teams and players. This program will run for a minimum of 40 weeks a year. The Training will continue to be on Saturday mornings. After the first season once the team managers settle in they may opt to start doing additional team training on a Sat morning so then the Boro Soccer Schools Adv training will then move midweek.

At the end of the U8 season all teams leave Boro Soccer Schools and become stand alone self sufficient teams that Middlesbrough Sports village staff continue to support.

Children attending Boro Soccer Schools advanced sessions will need to wear the Training wear below which will cost £10 a full strip. The jumper and rain jackets are optional.

Kits are available from TS3 Sports, Lawson Industrial Estate. 

To order the kits you can 

Call them direct on 01642 248996

Pop in - Unit 6, Lawson Industrial Estate, TS3 6LN - They are Open 9-5 Mon to Sat (Closed Sundays) 

Visit the website - Click on Club Shop, Then Boro Soccer Schools and use these details to log in ..... Login - bssfc Password - borosoccerschools11

Monthly Subscriptions

Payments for your child's subs are £360 a year and are paid via 12 x £30 monthly payments.This will cover a minimum of 40 training sessions and pitch hire for teams matches on Sundays for minimum of 30 weeks. The subs are averaged out over the year (Some months will have more training sessions and matches than others and some will have less but the price stays same each month as its spread across 12 months).

Payments must be made regardless of your child's attendance as the team will still have overheads to cover even when your child is not present at matches / training

Account Name - Boro Soccer Schools

Account Number - 93281612

Sort Code - 205678

Amount - £30 a month

Date - 1st of each month

Reference - Your Child's FULL name

Parent Rules and Code of Conduct!!

Before you start to criticise your child's manager please remember they are a volunteer and are giving up their time for FREE to give your child an opportunity to play in a team. 

Team managers are hard to come by and we are always short of volunteers every season. Without volunteers to take the teams forward your child will not have the opportunity to progress into a team so please don't be the one parent who pushes the manager to quit with constant moaning and negativity!!!!

Many of our managers may have played at a high level in their youth but coaching children this age may take a little time for them to get used, so please be patient with them and show your support. Instead of criticising things please volunteer to help out the manager out. If you want your kids in tracksuits do a few blind cards for them or get a sponsor. If you want your team to have water bottles each game then offer to bring the drinks each week. If the manager is not the best at communicating things on time or dealing with the admin due to their working conditions then volunteer to be a team secretary. If you want the team to do little fundraisers and have team account then volunteer to be the team treasurer. There is a lot involved in running a team especially once we enter you into the TJFA. Don't just leave it all on the manager to sort as they are a volunteer like any other parent.

If managers, parents and players are all pulling together as a team then it will be a much better experience for all.

Their will be a zero tolerance code of conduct implemented with parents and disciplinary action taken against anyone who steps out of line. Children are their to have fun and enjoy their football and parents who have any negative influence on the sidelines will not be welcome to attend.

Let The Children Play

They stand on the field with their hearts beating fast

The whistle has blown, the die has been cast.

Mum & Dad cannot help, they stand all alone

A goal at this moment would send the team home.

A ball near their feet, they kick and it misses

There's a moan from the crowd, some boos and some hisses

A thoughtless voice cries 'take him off Mun '

Tears fill their eyes, it's no longer fun.

If you have ever been tempted to shout or to groan

Just think, it's a child who stands all alone

So open your heart and give them a break

It's moments like this that players you make.

Keep this in mind, please do not forget

They are only children, they're not adults yet!

Parents rules - Code of conduct!!!

  • Stay outside the fence line at all times during training and matches
  • Remember children play for FUN!!!!
  • Respect referees decisions at all times
  • NEVER criticise any of the players / managers decisions
  • Don't coach from side lines shouting pass, shoot, get rid etc, this only confuses the children and stops them developing their own decision making on the pitch.
  • Don't reward children with a pound a goal as they will only ever look for the goal which is not always the best decision and will have a negative impact on their pitch awareness. If you want to reward them reward hard work, team ethic or good decisions
  • Let the manager do the coaching on match days - remember you are a parent their to support the team not to coach it.
  • Remember the manager on weekends is a volunteer who has put their name forward to give your child the opportunity to play in a team.
  • Don't become obsessed with Professional Club academies and put your child under pressure to make it as a pro!!!!!!

We operate a zero tolerance policy and any parents who become over pushy, jealous, abusive or start to tittle tattle on the side lines will be asked to leave the team and program with immediate effect regardless of how talented your child is so please don't spoil it for them!!!


FA Video 1 

FA Video.mp4 (MP4 — 6 MB)

FA Video 2

FA Video 2.mp4 (MP4 — 3 MB)

FA Video 3

FA Video 3 (2).mp4 (MP4 — 27 MB)

Progression from them MSV Junior Leagues

Once the team are up and running and gelled together we will then apply for them to enter the TJFA league were you play teams from other clubs on a home and away basis and will then provide further info on the club set up.

Please print the code of conduct off below and circulate around your family and get them to watch the videos so all spectators are aware of the behaviour we expect when watching your child

Professional Club Academies!

Each year a large amount of the children graduating out of Boro Soccer Schools receive invites to train with pro clubs, we feel this illustrates our coaching philosophy is working and is helping children to reach the highest standard but we would like to educate parents on a few points and experiences we have had before you start training with a professional club

If your child receives an invite to a pro club to attend a development centre please try and protect your child from any hype that goes with this invite.

A development centre is a session a pro club provides for any advanced footballers in their age. It is not a contract offer and time for you to sell up and move to the Hollywood hills so please keep you and your child's feet grounded.

Children continue to play for their junior clubs while attending development sessions and only stop if they receive a contract offer from U9s

Pro club development centres are a fantastic opportunity for your child to receive good quality coaching with top standard players but it can be detrimental to your child's psychological development if it is not managed correctly.

Parents are asked to keep an eye out for the following things listed below and try your best to manage it to ensure your child keeps developing their talent.

1- Burnout!!!

We have seen so many of our most talented players burnt out by as early as 9 year old because of over training. Too many parents will take their child to every pro club session they can get them in thinking it will give them a better chance of getting in an academy. Children then spend half of their early years finishing school, sitting in a car for an hour to get to a session, training then sitting in a car to travel back home for an hour. Doing this too many times a week will become a chore to them and will just burn them out.

Choose 1 pro club session and stick to it, you can always go back to other clubs for trials etc at a later date if things don't work out in your chosen club.

Over training means your child ends up giving less effort in each session, they can also become bored of repetition and will ultimately burn out faster than other children who are training less so more training isn't always better in this case. Give them time to be a kid.

They will develop more in their own garden watching and practising skills off the coerver app or you tube clips than they would sitting in a car for 2 hours to get too and from training.

2 - Pressure!!!! 

Please don't put unnecessary pressure on your child and overly promote their achievements. We understand you will be extremely proud that your child has been recognised and rightly so but please remember it is long and bumpy road for them with a lot that can go wrong so the bigger you build them up the bigger the fall if they were to be released. We have placed the article to the left not to scare parents off academies but to remind them of the impact they maybe having on their child by building them up to highly and some of the extreme consequences this can have on players if they don't make the big stage.

We have seen many of our highly talented players fall out of love with the game and stop playing football altogether by 9 years old because of the pressure that parents have put on them to perform. Keep football as their social activity that they enjoy doing and not a performance pressure pot that they feel anxious to attend!!!!!

3 - Children / parents bad attitudes after receiving an invite

Another reason we see our talented footballers falling behind others after dominating at the younger ages is poor attitudes by both parents and players after they have received invites to professional clubs. Many children stop trying as hard and giving 100% as they think they have already made it.

Children need to remember their is over 40,000 other players in their year group in the north east all wanting a space in an academy with around only 50 spaces available across the 4 pro clubs.

Always remind your child of the saying below

"Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard"

Many children's attendance at their grass roots clubs training will drop after an invite and parents think their child has a right to play on match days still because they now train with a "pro club". Please remember your child's club will have contributed a lot to help them get recognised by a pro club so don't start to loose respect for their team mates and manager!!! We constantly see many less talented children not involved with pro clubs in the early years then go onto become the better players in the later ages as they have worked harder to develop their skill level with the right attitudes.

We can try to manage the things listed above but their is so many other things that can also affect children's development such as injuries, growth spurts through their teens which makes them loose co-ordination and balance, normal psychological problems through teens etc so please remember it is a long bumpy road for them with a lot that can go wrong so they must always be prepared and educated of the possibility of being released and continue to put as much effort as possible into their school education!!!

Apologies if this section has came across as though we are preaching on how to be good parents as I know majority of parents will deal with academies really well but it is so easy to get caught up in all the hype and get carried away so we feel it is our duty with the level of interest our players get from pro clubs to try and offer a bit of advice.

We would like all parents to try their best to get on with each other and not start competing with each other within a team because one kids gets more attention than another from a pro club. We have had many cases in the past of parents telling their children not to pass to a particular player because a scout might recognise the other child more than their own child. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and any guilty parents acting in this very petty and pathetic way will be asked to leave the club so please do not become a bitter parent if another child is doing better than your child!!!! 

Homework for players

Parents will frequently ask what they can be doing with their child at home to help them improve. Our best advice for homework is to improve their ball mastery skill level. The best way to do this is download the Coerver App and have your child practice a different skill each night or one a week by just copying the video. If you cant get the app then search coerver on you tube and watch the videos

Player Registration Form

Season 2018 / 19

Player Registration Form

I can confirm I have read and understood this section of the website and agree to educate my child and all family members spectating at the sports village of the standards and rules set out in the code of conduct and will signpost all spectators to watch the videos in this section.
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